Dragonfish Casinos with Skillzzgaming Slots

October 2021

An introduction to Dragonfish Casinos with Skillzzgaming Slots by Dragonfish Slots

Skillzzgaming are one of the new kids on the block. Established in 2014 their portfolio of slots titles is tiny compared to some of the big players. None the less they are making a name for themselves and all their games can be found at any dragonfish slots site.

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  • Deluxino
  • Spinzaar
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  • Arcade Spins
  • Costa Games
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Summing up Dragonfish Casinos with Skillzzgaming Slots by Dragonfish Slots

A Closer Examination Of Skillzzgaming

There are many small and innovative software design companies in the online gaming industry. This is one of the joys of being a part of it. There is always something fresh and new to discover. But sometimes, the definition of ‘small’ can be a little flexible, to say the least. Yet there is no problem at all with using this adjective for describing Skillzzgaming, since they are without doubt one of the tiniest outfits to have such a large industry profile.

Founded in 2014, this compact company has fewer than a dozen employees at the time of writing, which is amazing considering the waves they are making within the online gaming business. They have already created quite a stir, despite their short period of existence and their relative lack of punching power.

The company isn’t based in any recognised technological hotspot of the industry either. Skillzzgaming was launched in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel by a trio of experienced industry insiders. Lior Aziz provides the business acumen with his years of legal and business management experience. Meanwhile, David Neeman provides the industry knowledge and game design skills, having acquired a decade of experience as a software designer with the likes of Sidekick and 888 Gaming. The team is headed by CEO Eran Sharar. He has an even more impressive CV, including years working for the likes of Microsoft, Playtech and the sports betting giant Gala Coral.

Skillzzgaming has earned its high regard amongst industry insiders with its unique and innovative approach to game design. Its games offer a clever customisation of social gaming to include an element of chance. This way, players enjoy using their computer and video game skills as they would on a conventional social game, but can now also win prizes while enjoying practicing their prowess.

This new style of gaming presents a win / win situation for both casino operators and their players. Players enjoy the chance to utilise their talents, while casino operators enjoy the increased player retention rates resulting from their enjoyment. This combination of what had up until now been more or less separate industries offers a great way for casino operators to expand their market. Many players will be attracted by the video gaming element, which may remind them of the games they enjoyed in their more youthful days. From the other direction, experienced casino players will enjoy the opportunity to influence the outcome of games which were previously the result of pure chance.


A Look At Some Of The Skillzzgaming Titles

The graphics and gameplay on Skillzzgaming titles are superb. They are well up to contemporary industry standards. Yet it is the skill element which truly sets their games apart from the rest. It just offers something that little bit different which both social and casino game players will enjoy.

Take Alchemy Blast for example. This game contains an more than an element of skill. Social gamers will like the strategy required to align three identical symbols in a row. It’s a bit like the real world game of Connect 4, where you have to get four counters in a row on a physical 2D grid. With Alchemy Blast, it’s a 2D 5 x 6 virtual one. But equally, there are several elements which traditional slot players will find familiar, like bonus games and prize multipliers. And players from both disciplines will appreciate the mystical element; the helpful characters who can guide you (here it’s a helpful headmistress); the different game levels to be achieved and the variety of tokens to collect. Other titles have a similar ‘match three’ mechanic, such as Monster Blast and Pets Go Wild.

But if you prefer something less cerebral and more action packed, why not try Mega Money Rush? This exciting title is more of a retro racing game. It’s reminiscent of some of the early 80s console games, and may revive nostalgic memories in some of the less youthful players amongst us. But it’s great to play for all ages as you attempt to improve your car’s performance with power enhancements, shield protectors, special magnets, driver experience bonuses and more. And you haven’t even started the race yet, which offers yet more opportunities for treasure and prizes as you dodge the obstacles and race for the line.

If ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ style role playing is more your thing, then Battle Royale could be the game for you. Here your chosen heroes get to battle evil in the fight to save humanity. You get to pick your own team of heroes with different characteristics, styles, skills and power in order to try to build an unbeatable combination. You can add more hero characters as you go along, and there are four bonus games to find too as you attempt to save your magical island and win some excellent prizes along the way.

At the time of writing, there are little over half a dozen games in the Skillzzgaming portfolio, but more are on the way. This exciting and truly revolutionary company are surely going places as they offer something truly novel – a whole new hybrid approach to online gaming. Their games are already becoming widely available as casino operators everywhere are quickly recognising their imaginative and innovative creations offer something no-one else does. So look out for Skillzzgaming’s distinctive and uniquely entertaining games at your chosen Dragonfish casino or bingo site.

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