Slots & Casino Sites That Accept Entropay

September 2023

An introduction to Slots & Casino Sites That Accept Entropay by Dragonfish Slots

Entropay is the virtual card that will allow you to make a deposit at your favourite slots or casino site. Here we feature Entropay casino sites so all you need to do is pick one and then use your Entropay card to make a deposit. All sites below are fully UK Licensed and authorised.

Offers for New Customers & Over 18s Only. T&Cs Apply.

List of Slots & Casino Sites That Accept Entropay online sites

  • Moon Games
  • Wicked Jackpots
  • Vegas Spins
  • XL Casino

Summing up Slots & Casino Sites That Accept Entropay by Dragonfish Slots

About Entropay

When it comes to making a deposit at a casino site, Entropay is not the first name that comes to mind. Nevertheless, it has been around for quite a while, having been first made available around fifteen years ago, in 2003.

Although it is not especially well-known, it is a very useful service which already has more than 1 million regular users around the world. It is a United Kingdom based company and service, with its headquarters based in London.

In effect, Entropay operates as a virtual Visa card. For online casino payments, it has many advantages over a real Visa card. It is especially useful for people who have security concerns, or who wish to keep their financial transactions private.

It is free to set up; there are no upfront costs or monthly subscription fees. There is no contract or credit fee, nor any interest charges either. Plus, there are no charges when you use your card to make a deposit at a casino site. Instead, the casino owner is charged a small commission fee for accepting your payment.

The virtual card is effectively a pre-payment card. You have to load the card with money before you can use it, and you cannot go overdrawn or get into debt, so there are no interest charges either. And it is virtual only: you never receive an actual physical card. This means you can only use it for online payments, not for real world purchases in high street shops and restaurants.

This may seem strange at first but it has several advantages. Firstly – it’s quick. You can have your working virtual Visa card within around sixty seconds of registering, unlike a real Visa card, which will take at least a week to arrive once you apply for it, and probably even longer. Also, because it is a pre-payment card and you cannot get into debt, there are no credit checks. Everyone can apply for an Entropay card and have a working Visa card to spend with online within a few minutes of applying. There is no need to fill out any paperwork, no requirement for any formal processing and credit checks, nor any need to wait for the physical card to arrive.

This is particularly useful for people who may have a poor or non-existent credit rating. It is also handy if you don’t have a credit card or Visa card but your chosen slots site only accepts Visa (which often is the case when buying from abroad). Using Entropay, the problem is solved and the goods are yours within minutes. You can also choose the country you wish your card to be used in.

Entropay is also useful for making one-off purchases if you are unsure of the trustworthiness of the casino. Creating and deleting cards is instant and free, plus you cannot go overdrawn or into debt. This means that additional fraudulent transactions, unauthorised withdrawals or subscription renewal fees cannot be charged if you use a one-off virtual card like Entropay to make your purchase.

The service is also great for those looking for a secure and confidential service. You do not have to give your personal banking details when using your Entropay card. Also, your spending data is kept private, because transactions will not appear on your usual credit card or bank statement.

It is particularly useful for cashing out from casino sites. Your withdrawal is confidential and safe, and you can then use the money for other purchases.

Of course, there are some charges involved when using this service. You have to pay a fee whenever you load or top up your card. These vary according to the method used to make your credits. A direct transfer from your bank account is charged at around 2%. Other methods vary: loading up from your existing credit or debit card will cost you closer to 5%. This may seem a little high, but more than worth it if you have security concerns or if confidentiality is important to you.

Entropay continues to be a popular option for making payments on online casinos, and is always available on Dragonfish casinos. Moreover, it is completely safe and your funds are protected, just as if they were in a normal bank.

This is because Ixaris Systems, the company which operates the Entropay service, is fully licenced to operate by the United Kingdom authorities responsible for financial services. It is authorised and regulated by the UK Government’s Financial Conduct Authority. It is also registered with Visa Europe as an independent sales organisation (ISO) and Entropay virtual Visa cards are issued via European banks regulated in the EU.

All this means that even though you may be unfamiliar with the name, you can use Entropay with confidence. This is a United Kingdom based service which is fully licenced by the UK Government’s own regulatory authorities.

Extra Information

  • Moon Games

    Moon Games is a space-themed slot site from 888. There are more than 600 slot games available including jackpot games and new slots, as well as plenty of exciting promotions and offers. New players will feel welcomed, and the helpful customer service team will ensure that existing players feel valued.

  • Wicked Jackpots

    Wicked Jackpots is a cool, modern-looking site from 888 that offers a fantastic range of slot games for its players to enjoy. Check out the huge games catalogue to see the exciting titles on offer, or see what you can get when you deposit with the promotions page. There's so much to explore!

  • XL Casino

    XL Casino from 888 is a site that lives large. With a slick purple colour scheme and tonnes of slot games, this site is smart, stylish, and fun. XL Casino focusses on slot games, with over 200 games to choose from, and there are plenty of exciting promotions to keep the fun going too.

  • Vegas Spins

    Vegas Spins is a new and exciting online casino. Like its namesake, Vegas Spins knows how to grab your full attention. It's neon and bright lights, it's fun and thrills; Vegas Spins is a slots site with all the glamour of the real thing.